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Self adhesive chrome door numbers and lettering are an easy way to jazz up your garage door. You can create a very decorative look, depending on the design of your door. It is also a cost-effective way to replace that old drab door that no one wants to open. Here are a few tips on matching your hardware and color.

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Chrome door numerals are available in both metric and imperial. The easiest way to find the right house number for your home is to measure your front door's exact size and then match it to the corresponding imperial style number. Ex: Matching large chrome door numbers to the style number: CTS-2125-D. You should also make sure that the door number numerals are spaced the correct distance from each other so that the lettering will not be too close together when you read them.

Trimming of Chrome Door Numbers

Chrome house numbers require special trim to fit your style. For example, American colonial-style house numbers require trimming of at least 0.75mm. You may need to have some fabric glue applied to the right-most edge, and use a straight pin to hold the trim in place for a few seconds before using the corresponding stud pull. If your house numbers are made out of wood, you need to keep the door resealed until the glue dries. If they are made out of metal, keep them in a plastic bag and use the appropriate sealant to protect them from humidity. 

 Polished steel door numbers require the use of adhesive vinyl. The easiest way to find matching sets is to go shopping for your front door numbers online. Some websites offer a wide variety of polished chrome door number patterns, and others specialize in only this style. Matching styles may take a little time and effort, but you will get matching parts in no time.

Old Fashioned Door house numbers

If you want your house number to look old fashioned, consider purchasing wrought iron or art Deco front door numbers. These can add a touch of old school glamor to your entryway and are not as delicate as chrome or plastic. However, wrought iron and art Deco patterns are heavy, so it is best to measure the area you plan to place your new numbers before ordering. These options can also add an extra layer of security since you cannot simply cut or trim these pieces to create a unique front door number. They will also cost more than a regular wood door number. 

An interesting idea gaining popularity among homeowners is creating an art Deco design on the front door. These are available in various styles, and many of them are created using materials like glass and metal. A popular choice is a glass front door number, with the number being replaced by either a bird or flower. This will allow you to display your stylish custom front door art Deco numbers without having to worry about breakage since they are designed to be displayed on a wide surface.

Victorian or Edwardian style door

If you live in a neighborhood with many older homes, you may want to consider purchasing a Victorian or Edwardian style door. These doors were popular for a long time, and many homeowners love to use them. The only issue with this option is that these old doors can look very dated when displaying 50mm chrome door numbers. They should only be used if you are certain that you are replacing the current front door number with a Victorian or Edwardian style door. Also, these doors can actually increase the value of your home.

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Do you have an ancient home with a period style? Many people love to include period features in their homes, such as a period fireplace or period tub and shower. You can create a similar effect by using large chrome door numbers. Since you are not replacing the home's actual door number, you can choose any number you would like. In fact, you can use a series of transitional colors to make your new addition even more unique.

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